The Project

The Road Ahead

Photo by Julian Hochgesang

Joining our Directory

We are looking for independent makers who believe in "buying locally" - buying North America. We love those makers who are passionate about their work! "The Makers" need to have had a substantial part in transforming raw materials into their product. We encourage sourcing close to home: Canada, the USA and Mexico.

Our business model: Directory Members are listed with a profile containing their business info with a link to click through to their online shop to purchase. Once our directory is well established, there will be online market events where members will chose to participate. The markets will be virtual and buyers will have the ability to reach out to each artist and create a connection. The technology is being created now to provide this arena for independent makers.

At this time, as our listings are being created, there will be no base fee for memberships. Customers will be able to access the directory 24/7. The back links will help with search for your ecommerce site.

When an inquiry is received, the information provided will only be used to start a conversation regarding participation in our project. Info will not be shared with any other parties. Please share our project with other makers and help us grow. Team