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 The benefits of joining an online market directory as a handmade maker. 

The "Rule of 7" proposed by Dr. Jeffrey Lant states that a potential buyer needs to see or hear a marketing message at least seven times before taking action. By joining an online market directory, a handmade maker can leverage this principle effectively. The directory strengthens brand recall and increases the likelihood of converting interested browsers into buyers. 

Increased Visibility: Aligning with an online market directory, the handmade maker gains exposure to a larger audience beyond their immediate reach. The directory serves as a centralized platform where potential customers can discover their products. This increased visibility can lead to more sales and recognition. 

Expanded Customer Base: Online market directories attract a diverse range of customers actively seeking unique and handmade goods. Joining such a platform enables a handmade maker to tap into this customer base and reach individuals who may not have been aware of their products otherwise. This can result in a broader customer base and increased sales opportunities. 

Networking Opportunities: Online market directories often foster a sense of community among their members. Handmade makers can connect with other creatives, share insights, collaborate, and learn from each other's experiences. These networking opportunities can lead to valuable partnerships, collaborations, and mentorship possibilities. 

Access to Expertise and Resources: Joining an online market directory can provide handmade makers with access to a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and resources. 

Credibility and Trust: Being part of a reputable online market directory adds credibility and trust to a handmade maker's brand. Customers often perceive products listed on established platforms as high-quality and reliable. By aligning with a trusted directory, a maker can leverage the reputation of the platform to enhance their own brand image. 

By leveraging the 'Rule of 7' and the benefits of joining an online market directory, a handmade maker can establish a stronger online presence, reach a larger audience, and become part of a thriving creative community.